Comparing India’s and China’s Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

India is said to be the pharmacy of the world.

The largest number of USFDA manufacturing facilities outside of the USA are in India.

Indian medicines and their manufacturing facilities are trusted in the Western world.

The Indian government has taken steps to grow the API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)manufacturing to lower the dependency on the cheap quality of API from China.

China suffers a bad name and a lack of trust among international drug distributors through offering cheap finished pharmaceutical formulations in the market.

The Chinese government needs to improve the skills and the quality of manufacturing facilities if it wants to match the skills of the Indian Pharmaceutical sector.

However, china scored very badly in the documents and the dossier part in the finished pharmaceutical formulations part.

China passed through its 4th covid wave some time back.

The Chinese social media sites were flooded with people asking for the Indian-made medicines to treat their loved ones.

The social media sites of china give a clear picture of how Chinese citizens prefer Indian medicines.

However, we need to appreciate the Chinese companies in medical devices.

China has supplied cost-effective medical devices to many needy hospitals and institutions at affordable rates.