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We are Exporting Anti Cancer medicines Globally from our WHO-GMP Manufacturing facility.

Aetos Pharma Private is one of the leading and fast growing Anti cancer medicines manufacturer and exporter company in India. We have a wide range of Anti cancer medicines which are used for prevention and treatment of cancer. We manufacture Anti cancer medicines for which act on the protein genes which are responsible for the cancer. We have medicines which act on the oncogenes.

Our range of medicines are used to treat the bladder, Kidney, liver, brain, prostate, leukemia, bone marrow, hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, gastro-intertinal tract cancers etc.

Our medicines are manufactured and packed under higher quality parameters and standards and our facilities are inspected by the relevant FDA department which ensures the best quality Anti cancer medicines to our clients and buyers across the globe.

We provide these medicines at affordable rates so our Anti cancer medicines have a steady and increasing demand in various regions including Africa, Latin America, Europe, Commonwealth of independent states, Asia etc.

Our quality check department tests the manufactured medicines in our inhouse testing labs for highest quality check parameters and after that the medicines are ensured that they reach in the controlled temperature under safest storage conditions to the destination port.

Our Export management and the logistics department ensures safe delivery of these medicines to our buyers and clients globally.

This dedication has made us the leading and the fastest growing Anticancer medicines manufacturer and exporter.


The number of cancer patients is increasing drastically these days. Various types of cancers such as pancreatic, prostate, brain, blood, lung, skin, and breast cancers are affecting many patients worldwide. There is a shortage of Anticancer / Oncology drugs in the market, our company is a reliable source of Oncology products for worldwide supply.As being an Oncology and cancer drugs manufacturer we consider it our duty to provide these medicines at affordable rates to patients through our distributors and channel partners. Our exceptional product quality andcustomer service have contributed to our growth in a short span of time. Our customer’strust and loyalty have allowed us to expand our export services to more than 40 countries across the world, including Latin America, Southeast Asia,Gulf countries, the UK, and Asia. We have a back-dated history of providing, prompt and hassle-free delivery services.If you are looking for reliable manufacture and supplier of this medicine then we would assure you good service with the best manufactured medicines under WHO-GMP and EU-GMP guidelines. Our team will work out a customized product solution for you as per our minimum order requirements for the batch size.

What are Anti-cancer medicines?

Anti-cancer medicines are the drugs that are used to treat the condition called cancer in the body. There are various types of anti-cancer medicines namely alkylating agents, antimetabolites, hormones, and natural deravaties. There are also other agents which have anti-cancer properties but don’t fall into this category of agents.

Chemotherapeutic agents have a wider use than just in the use of cancer treatment. It’s a myth that chemotherapeutic agents are just used for cancer treatment. They are used in many other sicknesses as well.  The decision to employ the particular drug in the cancer treatment is employed by the doctor keeping in mind the stage of cancer and the severity of cancer along with the condition of the patient.

Most of the anti-cancer drugs are given intravenously however some drugs are given orally and intramuscularly too. Surgery or radiation is preceded by chemotherapy treatment to reduce the number of cancer cells in the body. Some anti-cancer drugs halt the cancer progression while others act at a different level. These drugs are often given together in therapy.

Anti-cancer medicines need to play vital roles like:

  • Stop the spread of cancer
  • Reduce tumor size
  • Eliminate cancer cells
  • Relief from the symptoms

General side effects of anti-cancer medicines

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Anemia
  • Bleeding and bruising
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Changes in blood count
  • Sores in the mouth

Anti-Cancer Medicines Manufacturer and Exporter:

Aetos Pharma Private Limited is the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of anti-Cancer medicines, offering anti-cancer medicines of the highest standards at affordable rates. We have a WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing facility and we supply the medicines through the cold chain which is temperature controlled with a data logger. The medicines are stored in proper conditions to ensure the best quality.

Aetos Pharma Private Limited is a leading WHO-GMP EU-GMP Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer exports products to the following continents

Angola | Benin | Botswana | Burkina Faso | Burundi | Cameroon | Cape Verde | Central African Republic | Chad (Tchad) | Comoros | Republic of the Congo | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) | Djibouti | Equatorial Guinea | Egypt (Misr) | Eritrea | Ethiopia (Abyssinia) | Gabon | The Gambia | Ghana | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | Kenya | Lesotho | Liberia | Libya | Madagascar | Malawi | Algeria | Mali | Mauritania | Mauritius | Morocco (Al Maghrib) | Mozambique | Namibia | Niger | Nigeria | Rwanda | São Tomé and Príncipe | Senegal | Seychelles | Sierra Leone | Somalia | South Africa | South Sudan | Sudan | Swaziland (Eswatini) | Tanzania | Togo | Tunisia | Uganda | Western Sahara | Zambia | Zimbabwe

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