Aetos Pharma

I.V. Fluids

Aetos Pharma Private Limited is a top leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company of sterile liquids in Aseptic Form – Fill–Seal (FFS) Technology for I.V. fluids / Large volume parenteral solutions.

We manufacture IV fluids in both 100 ml and 500 ml volumes, as well as a wide range of products including formulations, fluid therapy, respiratory solutions, diluents, and injections. We are manufacturing IV formulations in the antibiotic and anti-fungal therapeutic segments which includes Quinolones, Ornidazole, Fluconazole, Paracetamol, and Tinidazole. We are using EURO HEAD bottle technology in our manufacturing of I.V. fluid products.

Aetos Pharma manufactures and exports I.V. products in glass bottle containers.
We use USP type II glass bottles.Bottles are sterilized at 121 degrees Celsius which ensures sterility for our manufactured products. We products have maintained PH in glass bottles.

We have EURO HEAD DUAL PORT PP bottle technology also called DISK PORT PP for our I.V. products which is as per the Eu-GMP norms.

We manufacture the below products in glass bottles.

  1. Anti-Infectives
  2. Dextrose solutions
  3. Saline solutions
  4. Sodium lactate solutions
  5. Irrigation solutions
  6. Potassium chloride injections
  7. Multiple electrolyte solutions
  8. Osmotic diuretics
  9. Invert sugar solutions
  10. Peritoneal/Hemodialysis solutions

We manufacture research-based based products that are developed by our team of formulation scientists in our R & D lab.

We are manufacturing the below products which enjoy unique recognition in the market as they are developed through R & D. we are offering below products to our overseas clients at affordable rates.

  1. Magnesium sulphate 1 mEq/4 mEq/ml 100 ml Glass bottle
  2. Potassium chloride 7.5% 1 mEq /ml 100 ml Glass bottle
  3. Sodium Bi Carbonate 8.4% & 5% Glass bottle 100ml Glass bottle

You can download the complete brochure of our I.V. Fluid products from our homepage.

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