Aetos Pharma

What Do We Do?

Aetos Pharma Private is one of the leading and fast growing medicines manufacturer and exporter in India. We have a wide range of Generic medicines which are used for prevention and treatment of various ailments and critical care conditions.

We manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Oral syrups and suspensions, dry syrups, Injections, and Prefilled syringes. We offer medicine to various therapeutics areas like Antibiotics, Anti-diabetic, Cardiac, Erectile dysfunction, Hyperacidity/Anti Ulcer, Anti-Vomiting, Anti-fungal, Anti-helminthic, Anti-fungal, Anti-malarial, Anti-viral, Anti-allergic, Analgesic, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-psychotic, Antidepressants, Anti cancer medicines, Oncology medicines, etc.

We have various clients in the Latin American region which includes Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, and El Salvador. We also have clients in countries in the region commonwealth of independent states which includes Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc.

We are exporting Anti-HIV medicines to many countries in Africa. Through our consistent efforts and dedication to our work, we are ranked among the leading Pharmaceutical exporters in India. Our products are manufactured in our WHO-GMP-accredited facilities.

Our range of Anti cancer medicines are used to treat the bladder, Kidney, liver, brain, prostate, leukemia, bone marrow, hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, gastro-intertinal tract cancers etc. Our medicines are manufactured and packed under higher quality parameters and standards and our facilities are inspected by the relevant FDA department which ensures the best quality medicines to our clients and buyers across the globe.

We provide these medicines at affordable rates so our medicines have a steady and increasing demand in various regions including Africa, Latin America, Europe, Commonwealth of independent states, Asia etc.

Our quality check department tests the manufactured medicines in our inhouse testing labs for highest quality check parameters and after that the medicines are ensured that they reach the controlled temperature under safest storage conditions to the destination port.

Our Export management and the logistics department ensures safe delivery of these medicines to our buyers and clients globally. This dedication has made us the leading and the fastest growing medicines manufacturer and exporter.

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