What are Hyoscine oral drops & Nifedipine oral drops and their manufacturer and supplier ?

I am writing this article keeping in mind the distributor or the importers who sometimes could not find some products which are part of the normal prescription generated by the doctors. Below are the two products which are normally prescribed yet there are very few manufacturers who manufacture that.

I am Jose and I am a pharmaceutical industry veteran. I have worked in many companies and have done Jobs in many Latin American countries, including India, the USA, and the UK. Due to this, I am acquainted with many companies and hence now I am good at sourcing this product to many MNCs. Companies hire me for their sourcing needs. But here is a free arctic that could be a value to many small, growing businesses in many parts of the world. Below is just my opinion you may decide for yourself.

What are Hyoscine oral drops?

Hyoscine oral drops treat problems like nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, spasms, and stomach ulcers.

The oral drops are mainly helpful for pediatric patients, old age patients, or patients who have a deteriorating mental condition and are not ready to take the medication in the form of tablets so in their case giving the medication in the form of oral drops is a covenant option.

What are Nifedipine oral drops?

Nifedipine oral drops are used to treat hypertension or pain due to angina.

Again the oral drops are useful to old age and old age patients to whom giving or consuming the tablets or solid dosage form is difficult due to some health conditions.


Aetos Pharma Private Limited manufactures Hyoscine oral drops and Nifedipine oral drops.

The give the option of the PET bottle and glass bottle for he customized manufacturing of the oral drops. Apart from these two oral drops they also manufacture many other oral drops. You. can contact the company through the website and enquire for more info.

The company exports its products to many regions of the world LATAM, CIS, ME, and ASIA.

The facility is WHO-GMP accredited.