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Sevoflurane 250ml : Advanced Inhaled Anaesthetic Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India

SEVOFLURANE, a clear, colorless, and non-flammable volatile liquid, stands as a cornerstone of modern inhalation anesthesia. Here at Aetos Pharma, we present SEVOFLURANE—a potent agent that plays a vital role in inducing and sustaining general anesthesia through central nervous system depression, resulting in a controlled loss of consciousness.

Pharmacokinetic Precision:

SEVOFLURANE’s remarkable low solubility in the blood contributes to rapid alveolar concentration elevation upon administration and swift reduction upon discontinuation. A mere < 5% of absorbed SEVOFLURANE undergoes metabolism, and its extensive pulmonary elimination minimizes the available amount for metabolic processes. The defluorination of SEVOFLURANE, catalyzed by cytochrome P450 (CYP)2E1, generates hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) while releasing inorganic fluoride and carbon dioxide.

Indications and Precise Management:

SEVOFLURANE serves as a versatile general anesthetic suitable for patients across all age groups. Expert anesthetists must consider individual patient requirements and premedication while ensuring precise delivery via vaporizers calibrated specifically for SEVOFLURANE. Minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) values decrease with age and nitrous oxide addition.

Induction and Maintenance Excellence:

Induction doses are tailored to the patient’s age and clinical status, often involving a short-acting barbiturate followed by SEVOFLURANE inhalation. Swift surgical anesthesia induction is facilitated by inspired concentrations of up to 5% in adults and up to 7% in children. Alternatively, up to 8%, SEVOFLURANE can be used for unpremedicated induction. Maintenance anesthesia thrives at concentrations of 0.5% – 3%, with or without concurrent nitrous oxide use.

Vigilance and Caution:

SEVOFLURANE administration necessitates vigilant respiratory supervision, particularly in conjunction with narcotic premedication or agents inducing respiratory depression. Only skilled anesthesia administrators should manage SEVOFLURANE administration, with immediate access to facilities ensuring airway patency, artificial ventilation, oxygen enrichment, and circulatory resuscitation.

Precise Vaporizer Calibration:

Ensuring exact concentration delivery from vaporizers is imperative due to variations in volatile anesthetic properties. Vaporizers meticulously calibrated for SEVOFLURANE are obligatory to guarantee safe and accurate administration.

Potential Interactions and Vigilant Management:

Exercise caution when employing beta-sympathomimetic agents like isoprenaline and alpha- and beta-sympathomimetic agents like adrenaline and noradrenaline alongside SEVOFLURANE, as a potential risk of ventricular arrhythmia exists. Non-selective MAO inhibitors pose a  risk during operations, often prompting cessation of treatment two weeks prior to surgery. Caution is warranted when combining calcium antagonists with inhalation anesthetics to prevent additive negative inotropic effects.

The prudent use of SEVOFLURANE in tandem with various agents commonly encountered in surgical contexts yields safe and effective results. From central nervous system agents to cardiovascular drugs, SEVOFLURANE proves its efficacy while requiring meticulous monitoring and administration.

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