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Propofol 200mg 20ml Injection

Propofol 200mg / 20ml Injection Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India

Propofol 200 mg / 20 ml Injection,manufactured and exported by Aetos Pharma, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to pharmaceutical excellence and rigorous adherence to regulatory standards. Each vial of Propofol undergoes a stringent production process, meticulously conforming to the highest pharmaceutical guidelines and regulatory requisites. Propofol, recognized for its rapid onset and short duration of action, is a critical component of anesthesia and sedation protocols, demanding the utmost precision and quality, both of which are intrinsic to Aetos Pharma’s core principles. We take immense pride in being a trusted provider of Propofol Injections, serving healthcare professionals and patients globally. Our dedication to pharmaceutical regulatory compliance underscores our mission to provide a safe, effective, and dependable healthcare solution that enhances patient care and safety during medical procedures. At Aetos Pharma, the principles of quality, safety, and efficacy are paramount, and our Propofol 200 mg / 20 ml Injection embodies these values, ensuring the highest standard of care in anesthesia and sedation practices.


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