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Top Leading Isoflurane 250ml - A Safe and Effective Inhaled Anesthetic Manufacturer in India


Isoflurane 250ml – A Safe and Effective Inhaled Anesthetic Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India

Discover ISOFLURANE, a remarkable volatile liquid used in general inhalation anesthesia. At Aetos Pharma, we present ISOFLURANE—a colorless, non-flammable liquid that ensures optimal patient care during medical procedures.

Benefits and Usage:

ISOFLURANE plays a pivotal role in inducing and maintaining general anesthesia by gently depressing the central nervous system, resulting in a controlled loss of consciousness. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of patients, young and old.

Rapid Onset and Recovery:

ISOFLURANE boasts exceptional properties, including low solubility in blood and tissues. This characteristic sets it apart from other anesthetics like enflurane and halothane. With ISOFLURANE, you can achieve 50% of the desired concentration within a mere 4-8 minutes, and 60% within 15 minutes—ensuring quick onset and efficient recovery.

Safety Measures:

ISOFLURANE is contraindicated for patients sensitive to ISOFLURANE or other halogenated agents, especially those prone to malignant hyperthermia. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive guidance on precautions, including managing respiratory depression and cerebral blood flow changes.

Synergistic Interactions:

ISOFLURANE synergistically complements commonly used muscle relaxants, amplifying their effects. Our team ensures seamless compatibility for enhanced patient care. We emphasize caution when using ISOFLURANE alongside adrenaline, as it may cause specific arrhythmias during anesthesia.

For a seamless anesthesia experience backed by products developed in WHO-GMP facilty and responsive support, choose Aetos Pharma’s ISOFLURANE. Your patients deserve the best.

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