Regorafenib Tablet 40mg

Product/Composition : Regorafenib Tablet
Pharmaceutical Form : Tablet
Strength/Pack : 40mg

Regorafenib Tablet is a drug that is used to cure colon and rectal cancer (cancer that starts in the large intestine or the rectum and spreads to other regions of the body) in patients who have failed to respond to prior treatments. It is used to cure gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs; tumours that grow in the stomach, intestine, or oesophagus [tube that connects the throat to the stomach]) in people who haven’t responded to conventional treatments. Regorafenib is also used to cure HCC (a kind of liver cancer) in persons who have previously been treated with sorafenib. It belongs to the kinase inhibitor class of drugs.

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