Docetaxel Injections 20mg, 80mg, 120mg

Product/Composition : Docetaxel Injections
Pharmaceutical Form : Injection
Strength/Pack : 20mg, 80mg, 120mg

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What is Docetaxel Injection?

Docetaxel is a medication that targets and kills the fast-dividing cancer cells in the body. This medication treats many types of cancer like stomach, breast, lung, neck, prostate, etc. Docetaxel is used to treat advanced metastatic cancer in patients whose other drugs have not worked properly. It is used together with other drugs many times. Docetaxel belongs to the group of medicines called antineoplastics. This medicine is given only under the supervision of the doctor. It is usually given over 1 hour every 3 weeks. However, the doctor decides the best suitable as per the weight and age of the patient.

Common side effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Vomiting

Why the right Docetaxel manufacturer is critically essential for this product?

From a patient’s perspective, the efficacy of the treatment is very important in this critical illness also the cost plays a vital role for the patient as this treatment incurs large hospital expenditures. If you are a distributor then the reputation of the manufacturer/supplier and their quality standards are vital for the success of your business. So selecting the right manufacturer is very important to get the best quality product at affordable rates.

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