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Imatinib 400 mg Tablets - Oncology medicine manufacturer and supplier

Imatinib tablet used to treat blood caner. We manufactuer and supply this medication.

Imatinib Tablets manufacturer and supplier in India

Imatinib tablets are used to treat chronic myeloid leukaemia and Acute lymphocytic leukaemia. It inhibits enzyme tyrosine kinase. It can be taken with or without food as per the recommended dose by the doctor. Side effects: This medicine may cause fever, yellowing of skin, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, dark urine. Manufacturing info: Presentation: 400 mg Production capacity: 10 lakh tablets/month Our manufacturing facility is WHO-GMP and ISO 9001: 2001 certified. We follow the highest quality standards and our facility follows standard operating procedures recommended by FDA. We are exporting Imatinib tablets more than 40 countries in Latin America, Africa, CIS, Asia, Middle East. We provide the below regulatory documents to our clients. 1. Certificate of Analysis (COA) 2. Method of Analysis (MOA) 3. Stability Data 4. Dossiers 5. Certificate of Pharmaceuticals Product (COPP) / (CPP) 6. Free Sale Certificate (FSC) We provide the products on customized manufacturing and third-party manufacturing to our international clients. We have earned our clients' confidence by providing faster delivery with the highest quality standards at affordable rates.

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