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About Us

Its the logo of the Aetos Pharma private limited.


We “Aetos Pharma Private Limited” through our team of experts are manufacturing and exporting the complete range of Pharmaceutical finished formulations which include Tablets, Capsules, Oral syrups and suspensions, dry syrups, Injections, and Prefilled syringes.

We offer medicine to various therapeutics areas like Anti-biotics, Anti-diabetic, Cardiac, Erectile dysfunction, Hyperacidity/Anti Ulcer, Anti-Vomiting, Anti-fungal, Anti-helminthic, Anti-fungal, Anti-malarial, Anti-viral, Anti-allergic, Analgesic, Anti-pyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-psychotic, Anti-depressants, etc.


Our endeavors are not limited to the general range of medicine.

We are one of the top and leading manufacturers and suppliers of Anti-cancer medicines / Oncology, and Anti-HIV medicines in India.

We are providing contract manufacturing and third-party manufacturing to our overseas clients and buyers.

We have various clients in the Latin American region which includes Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, and El Salvador.

We also have clients in countries in the region common wealth of independent states wich includes Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc.

We are exporting Anti-HIV medicines to many countries in Africa.

Through our consistent efforts and dedication to our work, we are ranked among the leading Pharmaceutical exporters in India.

Our products are manufactured in our WHO-GMP-accredited facilities. 

A few of our products are also manufactured in our  EU-GMP manufacturing facility for the Europen market.

Let’s Work Together

A-1301, EBH, science city rd, Ahmedabad, India. 380060

Tel: +91 7567776333

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